MS Eurodam Ship Review

Are you tired of all the marketing tactics that many cruise liners have in mind? If you are up to the game of mixing the old with the new, Eurodam is just the right cruise ship for you. This cruise ship offers the same warm hospitability that you would normally experience in other lines in the same fleet but this has something up in store. They have a lot to offer that is not commonly seen in her other sisters.

MS Eurodam Cruise Ship

Photo by Jemingway

If you want to be entertained by a classic evening gala, this is the right thing for you! It has the first ever Asian restaurant, the Silk Den. It is designed homage to Hong Kong’s hip and modern nightlife, as if you are in one of the clubs in Wanchai.

To add to its contemporary vibe, it added another place where you do a lot of things such as read, drink coffee, surf the Net, among others. This place is perfect for those who want to be acquainted with other passengers aboard.

Instead of the common tennis courts you would normally see in Holland America’s cruise ships, the ship has a basket ball which can also be turned into a dodgeball court when the need arises.

This is perhaps a bold move that Holland America wanted in order to diversify its market. It used to cater to the older set as well as among the active ones. Now it has broadened the market. This move worked for it has already seen the results.

Nightlife here is formal for most part. Passengers are requested to dress up to the nines in the evening. In other times of the day, casual wear is highly acceptable. Restaurants, too, follow a certain type of protocol where informal clothing may not be suited, although in other parts of the ship like the outer decks, you can wear this gear.

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