Norwegian Epic – Truely Epic Cruise Ship

Norwegian Epic - Photo

Norwegian Epic is a 1,080ft long and 329.5m wide floating wonder of a cruise ship. It can accommodate 4,100 guests on state-of-the-art accommodations that range from Studios for solo travellers to luxurious Villas for families and group parties that form part of the biggest suite complex on a cruise ship complete with private bars, pools and restaurants.

Norwegian Epic’s Freestyle Cruising has opened a new cruising approach where guests are given the freedom to do whatever they want. There is no restriction on dress codes, no set schedules and preset dinner timetable, no problematic disembarkation or inflexible accommodations.

Dining at the Norwegian Epic is a gastronomic delight in its more than 20 different dining options that guests can choose from. There are two dramatically designed main dining rooms that serve internationally inspired delectable dishes to tempt everyone’s palate. Guests can also experience fine dining in the most luxurious and intimate ambience in the ship’s French Restaurant Le Bistro and for the Villa’s guests, at the exclusive Courtyard Grill and Epic Club.

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The Best Way to Unwind is a Cruise to the Caribbean Islands

Cruise to the Caribbean Islands

Are you planning to have a cruise to the Caribbean? You must have been so overwhelmed with what Caribbean has to offer you. You will never regret your journey on a cruise ship to Caribbean that I promise you.

When you go watch a movie, you can appreciate the details of the movie you’re watching if you have a high definition television. You have the details covered perfectly well. Appreciating the beauty of Caribbean is great when you see it with your own eyes rather that seeing it on pictures and videos. Your eyes serve as a high definition television that will give your mind the signal that you perfectly covered the beauty of the places.

You can cover all the angels of the places, its views, its landscape, its rich rainforest, the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking islands because you have seen it with your own eyes. Journeying in a cruise gives you a comfortable feel of the journey because you are riding in a vehicle where you are serviced and cared with the best that the cruise ship has to offer.

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Finding Cheap Cruises in 2014

Cheap Cruises

When we talk about journeying in a cruise ship, it comes with a hefty price tag. That is because journeying in a cruise ship gives a standard of “best”, that none other ship can give. But can you still find cheap cruises in 2014?

Like any other businesses where discounts, sales and packages are being offered, cruise ships also have that. Don’t think that they’re doing that and might sacrifice their standard that is entirely not true! They are offering discounts to let individuals like you to enjoy a cruise ship vacation in a much lesser price. The amenities and standards is still their top priority same as that with the usual price. You can start doing your research as early as now to take down offers of different cruise lines. They’re offering vary from company to company like

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