Cruise Ship Employment

Cruise Ship Staff

The cruise industry has grown in leaps and bounds during the past 20 years. The growth was so massive that the 1980 occupancy of merely 1.5 million went up to more that 10 million passengers all over the world, representing a growth rate of about 600%. The growth of the industry also increased cruise ship employment. Royal Caribbean International has 14 ships with over 30,000 berths and it estimates that the cruise company will need around 12,000 new employees for the dining room and housekeeping every year for the next 5 years to replace employees who leave and also to keep abreast of expansion.

A cruise ship is like a floating city or even a floating tourist destination in itself and requires a wide assortment of staff. But in contrast with other industries, the cruise industry has quite a high turnover rate when it comes to employees. This is the reason why cruise ship employment continues to be very much in demand. Cruise ship employment is very competitive. But there is a lot of misinformation regarding cruise ship employment which makes it tough for the industry as well as for the prospective applicants who are seeking for cruise line jobs.

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Wedding On A Cruise Ship


Weddings on cruise ships have become so popular in the last several years. There was a time when weddings on cruise ships were unheard of, but now they have become one of the most dreamt of weddings. This is not so surprising since cruise ship weddings is not only very romantic but also very convenient. Imagine having a honeymoon right at the venue of the wedding with no tedious and sometimes stressful travel time from the wedding reception to the honeymoon destination.

Most major cruise lines offer wedding on board the cruise ships. Some cruise ships even have a wedding chapel on board and for those without a wedding chapel, function or public rooms are beautifully adorned to make the venue as romantic and beautiful as any other wedding venue. Weddings on cruise ships can be formal or casual depending on the wishes of the wedding party. A number of cruise weddings are done at the port of embarkation. Even non-sailing guests can come aboard to take part in the celebration and disembark before the ship sails. Some couples bring along their guests on the cruise and say their “I dos” in the high seas.

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How Cruise Ship Reviews Can Help You Get A Worry Free Holidays

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Every time that someone goes on a vacation, it can be a bit stressful during the planning stages. You can considerably reduce the stress of finding a vacation by reading cruise ship reviews. When you go to a reviews website, you are able to find out the things that are included and also what to expect from your time while on board. By going to review websites you will be taking a load off the planning of your vacation when taking a cruise.

What The Cruise Will Plan For You
Planning a vacation is stressful because you have a limited time to enjoy that vacation and you have to plan accordingly. Fortunately, cruise ships can do a lot of the planning for you. By reading cruise ship reviews you will be able to know what activities the cruise ship personnel can help you plan once you get on board. Some reviews will also include a map of the ship allowing you to see where each activity is located.

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