How Cruise Ship Reviews Can Help You Get A Worry Free Holidays

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Every time that someone goes on a vacation, it can be a bit stressful during the planning stages. You can considerably reduce the stress of finding a vacation by reading cruise ship reviews. When you go to a reviews website, you are able to find out the things that are included and also what to expect from your time while on board. By going to review websites you will be taking a load off the planning of your vacation when taking a cruise.

What The Cruise Will Plan For You
Planning a vacation is stressful because you have a limited time to enjoy that vacation and you have to plan accordingly. Fortunately, cruise ships can do a lot of the planning for you. By reading cruise ship reviews you will be able to know what activities the cruise ship personnel can help you plan once you get on board. Some reviews will also include a map of the ship allowing you to see where each activity is located.

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Disney Dream – Review

Disney Dream

Disney Dream is the newest addition to the fleet of cruise ships owned by Disney Cruise Line. It is the paramount cruise ships for families, having been designed and built with families in mind. But Disney Dream is also a dream of a cruise ship even for those who do not have their families along on the cruise. Disney Dream makes one reminisce of the golden age of cruising when elegance and style reign supreme with its Art deco design in the common areas to the huge chandelier at the Atrium.

Disney Dream can accommodate 4, 000 passengers in its 1,250 staterooms, a 40% increase in passenger accommodation over Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the two other ships in the fleet of Disney Cruise Line. As in the two other ships, the Disney trade mark is evident in Disney Dream, Mickey Mouse is everywhere, from the blankets to bath towels. Disney characters also make their cameo appearances on a live video feed of the “outside world” for the computer simulated portholes (to make up for the lack of windows) in the inner staterooms.

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MS Azura Cruise Ship Review

MS Azura

MS Azura is the second largest ship of the P&O Cruises fleet of cruise ships. Ms Azura officially became a member of the P&O Cruises in April 2010 and had its maiden voyage with passengers on April 12, 2010.

MS Azura has many first in a cruise ships, the Glass House, a place that wine expert Olly Smith helped to create and where guests can sample different kinds of wines. There is also the Sindhu, the first Indian restaurant in a cruise ship ever. Another first for a P&O ship and for a British ship is MS Azura’s open air cinema screen called a Sea Screen on the Lido Deck.

In keeping with the tradition of P&O Cruise ships however, MS Azura also features facilities and amenities common to other ships in the fleet. There is Brodie, a very English type pub and the main dining rooms called Oriental, Peninsular and Meridien Restaurants. There are a tota...

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